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                                                    New procedures for 2020-21 


There will be a lot of changes this season to keep you and our customers safe from the Coronavirus.


1- Please do not come in if you have any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has had Covid-19 in the last two weeks. If one of you gets the virus, a whole group of you could be quarantined depending on how close you are interacting. So it is very important to maintain social distancing of a least six feet. Instructors must complete a Covid questionnaire each day before working - here   


2- Mask are required at all times indoors and while teaching, this can be any type of face covering, neck gator, balaclava, or medical masks. It could be helpful for your students to relate to you if you have a laminated photo of yourself near your name tag, or on your helmet.    


3 You will have to speak very loud so you can be heard. Your facial expressions will also be covered, so you will have to use the tone of your voice and more gestures to convey fun and excitement especially with kids who can not see your smile. Waving will become the new hand shake, and you can still get down to wave to children. Slow down and be sure your message is being heard. If you can’t tell if your student is having fun, be sure to ask them. This can make us all better instructors by paying more attention to our students.


4- Keep a space between kids who do not live together on the chairlift. Tell parents to listen for your call if their child needs to use the restroom, has a runny nose, or other health related issue, they are responsible to take care of these situations.  


5- Wash your hands frequently and do not touch your eyes or nose.


6- Indoor occupancy is restricted. Plan to be inside only for brief periods to warm up. You should consider scheduling a morning or afternoon session on weekends unless you are booked all day. Lessons are being sold online and we should be able to let you know if you have a lesson ahead of time. Store only skis and snowboards in the instructors room, unless you have to come directly from work. Put your boots on at the car, come in get your skis or board and sign in, and then go out and ride or ski. 


7- Students may be late frequently as they try to get through restrictions in the rental department. You will have a number to text the student if they are late. This will also allow you to send them a follow up text and invitation to return, we want to keep increasing return business just like we did last season. We will not be using the V1 app. this season but you should still send a picture or video to your private lesson students.   


8- We suggest using a plastic bag to collect lesson tickets so you do not have to touch them. New grading cards will be used for students lessons so they have not been touched by children. Student lessons will be smaller.


9- Sunday and holiday student lessons at 4 pm have been eliminated at Pine Knob, Superstars will not be offered, and Kindersparks have been restricted in size. Using tools like a T-bar or Ski Ring can help to maintain social distancing.       


10- All instructor clinics and training sessions will be kept at six or less and mask will be worn. Online test and videos will supplement live training.



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