Private beginner checklist


1- Introduction and checking clothing and gear. Speak very loud so your students can hear you through your masks.


2- Proper amount of flat work relative to the students ability and desire. Use the area where student lessons line up when busy.


3- Reminds students to start in a good stance before each run. Eyes ahead, hands up, stand up. Feedback when back at ankles, knees or waist


4- Be out of skis and assisting students when necessary as they loop next to the carpet


5- At least four or five runs working on wedges to develop some stability and stopping ability before turning. Proper assistance on the rope and turning downhill to ski.


6- Teaches turns in a good stance, with speed downhill in a small wedge, slightly turning both toes, then straight before turning in the other direction


7- With that same start, have students try the other way to turn by pushing on one toe then the other. Like kneeling down, feedback if moving the knee in, or bending the knee rather than the ankle


8- Try a combination of turning and pushing on the toe, or the reverse pushing on the toe and turning.


9- Makes a specific number of small turns, then big turns. then works on combining big to small and small to big


10 -Turns to a stop in each direction. Moving higher at the proper pace. Ending with a video, summary, telling them to ski in control, where to ski, and, invite them back.   


Space is very limited on top of the wonder carpets, so ski instructors will use the area next to the carpets and snowboard instructors will use the middle.


This means we won’t line up private lessons on the crowded top, rather they will come off the carpet and ski down.


You will be out of your skis to assist them as necessary, but you will need to be quick because there are other instructors and the public there too. Use T-bars to keep social distance. You can pull them off the carpet, push them behind the boots if it is slow, or use them in front of their ankles to slow them down and help them turn.   


Here are two 7 minute videos, video 1


Video 2

Students need time to get confident sliding on skis and stopping before turning, so do at least 5 runs working on stance, gliding wedges while bouncing or with hands on knees or going up and down, wedge change ups, and straight run to wedge stop.


Leave the area as soon as possible if your student is capable. Be out of your skis and assist them on the rope if necessary. If they can not use the rope, use the long carpet with out skis on and step off at the appropriate place. Or if they strong enough use a T- bar from the top of the carpet.


The key idea is to focus on is paying very close attention to your students. Demonstrate and explain, but physically help them if they can’t get it. Provide positive feedback as soon as they get it to reinforce their performance. So when they are exiting the carpet or rope make sure they are heading straight downhill in a good stance: looking ahead, hands up, standing up on the toes. Push them if they need speed, or hold them back if it is too fast.


When teaching turns start in a good stance with speed, slightly turn both feet one way, then go straight, before turning the other way. Don’t make one turn to a stop especially on the carpets. When on the rope, get students heading straight downhill not skiing across the hill and trying to turn downhill. They can make a wedge and step to point downhill, or use their poles below them for support to step around.


Let anyone over 7 use their poles until they are getting in the way. Poles provide extra contact with the ground to help with balance and confidence as well as walking, they can reduce frustration and fear and increase success.


Gradually go higher when students can link turns in a good stance. Try pushing on one toe then the other, or combining turning their feet and pushing on a toe.


Make small turns and big turns then do some of each in one run. They should be able to make about 10 turns from the first rope tower and be able to turn to a stop before going higher. 



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