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Become an instructor

We are hiring ski and snowboard instructors




1-Season pass


3-Discount lift passes for family or friends

4-Equipment storage room

5-Free soft drinks

6-Friendships with other instructors


8-Sharing your sport with others


1- You are an independent contractor

2- You make your own schedule but are required to teach at least three days a week

3- Weekday evenings from 5-7:30 pm and weekend mornings are the busiest times

4- You are paid a percentage of your lesson, so you only make money when paid

5- It is a short season and depends on weather so income is not consistent 

6- Your first couple of weeks will be training, you may start teaching the third week of December 

7- You are responsible for buying your own equipment and uniform jacket

8- You do not receive health insurance, workers compensation, or unemployment

9- You must purchase liability insurance through the school

10- You will teach mostly beginners and should be able to bend and help lift children

11- Some ski instructors may work a lot in boots. The ability to teach is most important

12- A passion to help others learn is necessary!

Home for Mt. Holly and Pine Knob Instructors

 Clear goals and specific feedback

 with our innovative 
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