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The Snowflake Winter's Secret Beauty- a book for every snow lover with incredible photographs. It reveals the complexity underlying each simple and beautiful flake. Kenneth Libbrecht, the author and executive officer of physics at CalTech, is the pre-eminent snow-crystal researcher. He discusses the physics and what is still unknown about snow crystals. Imagine how well you will wax after reading this book!

The ultimate run- 10 minutes - 109 days to film

Instruction is important for the sport, Powder Magazine


Marcel Hirscher retires GOAT

Ski Utah with Dash Long 

International instructor pay 

Big time Midwest action

Time to ski Sammy Carlson

Teaching in Aspen

Skiing is a good workout


Get in shape before skiing even just walking, you are not too old

Skiing is too expensive

Check insurance for your ski trip

Half the resorts in east closed by 2050?

Where are the new skiers

Instructing is important for resorts

Balance is very hard as Boston Dynamics shows

Top bump skier of all time skier Mikael Kingsbury-

At 56 seconds you can watch the slow motion. If you click on the icon in the lower left that looks like a gear the video can be slowed to .25 speed so it is super slow motion. You can see how Mikael maintains the movement of his upper body downhill without letting the pressure of the mogul push him back. This is just like the smooth offensive moves in a turn on a groomed slope, where progressive ankle flexing and tipping to the outside of the turn keeps the upper body keeps moving forward and downhill. Big MO(momentum,) let it go, go with the flow! Compare Mikael (the last skier) to the first skier in this next video to see the difference in how much better Mikael's timing and absorbing is that makes him look so smooth.


 Mikael Kingsbury2 

Classic Sybervision short turns with Chris Ryman on 205cm skis- notice the same great timing and flow of Mikael's upper upper body


Shiffrin extreme focus

First descent of K2 on skis

Jermie Heitz verse Daron Rahlves on extreme race

Jeremie Heitz top extreme speed freeskier

Freeride world tour

Paralympic overview

part 2     

Sit ski


Otto Schniebs brings instruction to the US, go to page 9

Lots of POW few skiers? Japan

Ski like a girl

US Army Special Forces page- V1 spent more than five years training the Special Forces trainers this is the site we created for them to use, no video is available for the public to view

Skiers verse Hitler

NSP page- V1 has worked with many organizations including NSP for more than 20 years of slow motion comparisons of skiers at all levels to develop visual Skiing Moves. 

The Detroit Ski Club- ski jumping in Rochester

Personalized learning- Chan-Zuckerberg

World resort report

Virtual heli ski

Lifelong ski buddies

Ski the 14ers- if you have ever seen or climbed any of the 54 peaks over 14,000 feet in Colorado you will be amazed by the pictures in this book of Chris Davenport's adventure to ski all of them in one year!  

At the heart of our sport, snow

Loss of glaciers- go to 10:20 for the comparisons 


Home for Mt. Holly and Pine Knob Instructors

 Clear goals and specific feedback

 with our innovative 
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