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                                                         Discover Michigan

Discover Michigan is a one-hour group lesson. These can be large, diverse groups of children and adults with a wide range of abilities, experience, and expectations, so they are very difficult to teach well. Some can barely walk and others have skied or snowboarded before.

Students often arrive late, so they may have to catch up once the program starts. Some parents will be very stress trying to get their kids ready and not knowing what to do. Check to see if they are dressed properly.


For skiers, check for one pair of socks if their feet hurt. Or it may be their boots are too tight, or they stuffed their pants in the top of their boots. If they are over seven, poles can help them walk and increase their confidence; you can take them away if they are in the way.

Some have skied or snowboarded before and used the voucher because it is a cheap way to ski or ride, or they brought a friend who is a first timer. They are excited and are here to have fun. The idea of being in a big group waiting for people who are struggling is not fun, especially if the weather is bad. They want to be moving.


Many are really not here for the lesson, at least not a slow one. Some are do-it-yourself adventure seekers and can be very athletic. They may like a few tips but really just want to do it, so they may take off on their own.


Introduction before skiing/riding


1- Welcome them and thank them for coming, let them know this will be fun and they should ask any questions they have. Tell them this is for first timers and describe what they will learn.

2- Safety- Ask who has skied/snowboarder before and tell them they can just use the beginner area with their ticket in case they wander off. Tell them they must stay in control and not run into anyone. 

Using the carpet

Be sure they maintain spacing so they are not crashing into each other if someone falls. Know where the emergency stop is at on top and bottom. 

Wrap up


At the end of the lesson, tell them-

1- Where and what they should practice. They must be in control so they do not hit anyone in front of them. 

2- Their ticket is only good for the beginner area 

3- Be sure they know how to take off their gear off and put it back on

4- Tell them where they can get food and use the bathroom

5- Thank them and ask if they have any questions, invite them back for another lesson

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