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                              Private beginner lesson checklist


 Name of instructor _________________________________ Date ___________ 


Assessment -      1= Below          2= At       3= Above       the standard



 Online checklist




1- Smiles, makes eye contact, friendly, confident 

2- Ask if feet hurt, checks for proper clothing 

3- Ask if they participate in other sports, especially related ones like skating

4- Ask about goals and expectations


Before the carpet


5- Goes to the area by the carpet for flat work if not crowded

6- Explains how-to put-on pole straps on, walk with poles behind feet, and removes skis if necessary

7- Walks in a circle, steps in circle, small and large wedge, helps make wedge if necessary, one side at a time, take off skis 

8- Athletic stance- hands holding lunch tray and pole tips back, bounce on toes, chest over toes. (feel the weight on the toes) Step from foot to foot.

9- Flex ankles to lean forward

10- Side step, or traverse up for straight run, says start in athletic stance, very attentive and provides feedback or help

11- Ask if ready for carpet, helps walk on, support at hips if necessary, maintains proper spacing, knows where the stop buttons are, takes T-bar if necessary, walks next to customer


On top of carpet       


12- In boots to assist the exit, walking, and set up if needed. Keeps the customer from falling. 

13- Uses T-bar to control speed if necessary until, they are confident and can make a wedge, push heels out and point big toes at each other, or to add speed if it is slow. Knows other tools if they are needed.

14- Demonstrates and explains athletic stance and wedge, and provides feedback or physical assistance: hands, up, look ahead, stand on toes, chest over toes

15- Makes about 5 gliding wedge runs, bouncing on toes, bending forward at the ankles and back to the start, small wedge to wider wedge and back, slow wedge stop, then a faster stop 

16- Speed run with wide wedge to stop but stay in athletic stance not leaning back. Be sure they know how to take off skis, get up reset heels, and put skis across the hill to put on


On rope tow    


17- Demonstrates loading and unloading, go a short distance first time.

18- Goes up first when sure student can load to remove skis and help student exit if necessary, stand on the hill, and set up in an athletic stance for a gliding wedge run. Uses poles to set up in athletic stance. Keeps student from falling.

19- Explains and demonstrates athletic stance in a gliding wedge skiing straight downhill for 3 seconds, point both big toes left for one second, then point downhill for three seconds, then right for one second

20- Statically practice pushing on the right big toe. Be sure they are bending ankle like kneeling down not edging by moving knee inside, then it in motion from a gliding wedge start.

21- Try a combination of push on the big toe then pointing it. Try reversing the order pointing then pushing.

22- Count out loud a specific number of small turns 3, 4, 5, then 3 large turns. Then 3 small to 3 large turns. Reverse the order 3 large to 3 small.

23- Bounce on the big toes three times when turning

24- Turn more across the hill to slow down more, turn to a stop




25- Tells them to always ski in control so they can stop or turn before running into anyone

24- Review athletic stance, stopping, and turning

25- Tell them where to ski, gradually going to the first tower and make 10 turns, then the second tower and make 20 turns to a stop in each direction

26- Thank them for coming, tell them what is next, invite them to take another lesson. Tell them where food and bathrooms are located.

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