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                                                                   Student lessons 2022                        



Instructors will work with the same group for six weeks. You will hold a sign with your name so the kids in your group can find you.

Focus is on stance, stand on toes chest over toes. Go back and review as much as necessary statically and in gliding wedges while bouncing and making wedge stops while on toes. No leaning back. Loosen top boot buckles if needed. Flex ankles first then knees. Turn with feet not shoulders.

We need a lot of help on especially on Friday nights, but also on Thursday and Wednesday. There will be 5 groups with 10 beginners at 5 pm on Fridays.

Flat work will have to be spread out in groups from the far carpet toward the rope. 


It will be assembly line teaching on both carpets, Beginner groups will have different color rubber bands on their wrist to show what group they are in. You will work the carpets and rope helping any student coming down, but you will know who is in your group by the color of their rubber band. 


Strong and weaker groups will be formed.


There will be dual green courses for testing. We will use the long carpet with students riding up with their skis off so they can step off at the course .

The green class on the rope will keep rotating rather than lining up on the hill, and instruction will be given in the line as they wait to go up.


Instructors will be very attentive, verbal, high energy, and interactive to keep things moving.


Yellow classes can use the long carpet from the top if kids can turn well enough.         


 Student Lesson- green patch check list


  1. Smile, make eye contact

  2. Speak loudly, say just enough not talking too much, confident, pleasant, fun

  3. Check clothing and ask if their feet hurt


On a flat area

  1. Shuffle feet- faster, bigger distance

  2. Four moves- stepping, turn in circle, touch knees, lean forward press legs into boots. Faster or more of any move

  3. Make wedge- step and brush into wedge, one side at a time, push heels point toes, wider to go slow
  4. Most important thing, the athletic stance- Stand tall, arms like holding a lunch tray. Weight on toes and bounce with chest over the toes.


On top of Carpet


  1. Out of skis and standing next to the carpet to help exit

  2. Demo looking ahead, hands up, standing on toes chest over toes, helps them if needed from the front or back

  3. Spots moving back at the ankles, knees, waist when they start moving and has them stand on toes with chest over toes. Says hands up look forward. Then good when they get it.

  4. Develops comfort with speed and sliding in an athletic position with about five runs of: bouncing on toes with chest over toes, touching knees while standing on toes with chest over toes, wedge change ups, wedge stop half way, speed run with wedge stop in athletic stance with no leaning back.


On rope tow


  1. Proper distance up, out of skis to help exit, turn downhill and set up in gliding wedge, spacing between students before loading

  2. Turns in athletic stance, speed for 1, 2, 3 count, slight point big toes left, then straight for three count, then point big toes to the left.

  3. Same as above but pushing on the right toe then the left toe. Practices before skiing. Like kneeling down not moving knee in but forward. Make sure hip does not move out, or they bend the knee rather than the ankle.

  4. Does a combination of pointing the toes and then pushing on the toes if needed.

  5. Does a specific number of turns, then tries small and large, turn to a stop if ready


Wrap up


  1. Always ski in control so you can stop or turn around people in front of you

  2. Quick review of how to stand, stop, and turn

  3. Tell them where to ski and how to gradually go higher as they add more turns

  4. Be sure they know how to take off skis, put across the hill to put on, and reset heel

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