World Cup Ski Racing      Beyond racing with Daron Rahlves      67th for Shiffrin third best of all time                   


                           Thunderbolt Racing      

Thunderbolt racing provides training for different age groups. There are a variety of programs: evenings, weekend, and a holiday camp.

Coaching a Thunderbolt group provides the challenge of working with the same group for several weeks in a row. It is important to let us know as soon as possible if you will not make it or are running late. Keep the kids organized, safe, and take warm up breaks when it is cold.


Try to keep the kids moving and provide a lot of feedback. Blend drills and course time so the kids are having fun. Dual combi courses using brush or hero gates with the kids deciding who they race and how much of a head start they get is fun for kids.


Focus on a more centered stance and progressively flexing the ankles with drills in and out of the course; here are some exercises. If we coach well, hopefully they tell their parents and friends how much fun they had.




Happens on weekends from 1-3 pm

Daron Rahlves pacetter for pacesetter time trials was the winner of Birds of Prey and Hahnenkamm downhill


Adult league racing


Monday night at Mt. Holly and Tuesday night at Pine Knob.

Pine Knob Brochure




Ski racing for USSA competition; here is their site. 



Visible skiing

Shiffrin skiing through the Visible Skiing Image demonstrates the progressive ankle flex and tipping to keep her COM moving offensively. Notice the inside lead that allows edging with greater weight on the outside ski. These are the Ski Moves- SWIFT stance,weight transfer, inside lead and tipping.

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Coaches Challenge


Go to the 2019 Dave C. race photos here, there are 33 pages of them, and see if you can find any examples of athletes skiing through the Visible Skiing Image. 













Racing requires good technique and tactics. Tactics is finding the fastest line through the course, and it takes a lot of practice. Skiing the shortest distance is the goal, but a common problem is skiing too direct and skidding after the gate. The other problem is turning too early and skiing a path that is longer and slow. Try to have most of the turn completed at the gate. This requires inclination in the first half of the turn and angulation before the apex that creates level shoulders.


On steep, injected courses, world cup racers may purposely skid the start of a turn to stay on a tighter line (stivot). Even if they lose a little speed, the shorter line can still be faster. Skidding in the top half of the turn loses less energy than skidding later in a turn because the forces are lower.




United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) is the governing body for ski racing.


USSA Alpine 


USSA home

USSA definitions


USSA videos drills

Shiffrin Solden run 2018 Start of greatest World Cup season ever 17 victories

Shiffrin Levi SL win

Hirscher Levi Sl win

Shiffrin Killington SL win

Shiffrin Lake louise Super G win

Shiffrin St. Moritz Super G win

Shiffrin dual SL win

Shiffrin win 49 GS

Shiffrin SL win 50

Shiffrin most WC wins in a year and top SL women ever

Shiffrin wins #37 and SL tile

Hirscher wins SL title

Shiffrin wins # 10

Hirscher bumpy GS Adelboden

Hirscher Sl left footer at 1:31 wow

Shiffrin GS tie

Shiffrin #38 SL #56 win 13/season US record 

Shiffrin Super G World Championship win

Vonn's last race most World Cups victories of any woman

Shiffrin sets record for most wins in a season 15L wins

Shiffrin wins SL to tie Stenmark at 40 Sl wins 

Shiffrin wins GS title win 17 greatest season ever

Shiffrin ties Stenmark's record for SL wins at 40

Shiffrin greatest season ever 70 percent win ratio

History being made by Shiffrin Hirscher and Vonn

Vonn's final race

Future challenge for Shiffrin?

Hirscher out on top

Can Shiffrin do it again

Alice Robinson with Hirscher like power beats Shiffrin in Solden GS 2019

A matter of time Shiffrin

Shiffrin breaks Stenmarks SL record

Shiffrin wins Killington SL 

Tommy Ford wins Beaver Creek GS

Shiffrin Lienz GS win

Shiffrin Lienz SL win


Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA)


ACA is the USSA of Canada. Below is a video of their level 2 Snow Stars program for children. It is one of seven levels that will play one after another. These level 2 kids ski like many of our Thunderbolt kids. Watch the big change from level 2 to level 3, especially how the kids start to use their ankles. 


Level 2 video


Canadian ski drills document 


Burke Mountain Academy 

BMA videos


Most are for strong skiers

5 SL & traverse

Forward double pole

Single pole plant


Get over it


Norwegian -White pass

Outside ski tip down

One ski

Outside ski


Progression easy-hard


It is hard understand how challenging great skiing is to execute and the years of daily coaching it takes to achieve and maintain. It is helpful for skiers to understand how hard racers like Shiffrin train so they see the fun, challenge, and benefits that drills can provide. 


Why you are not an elite athlete, quote Shiffrin made below-

SHIFFRIN: Ski racing is a really unique sport in many ways. When you think about it, the actual time that I spend, or any racer spends, on the hill actually skiing during a day of training — let’s say you get, one course length is about 60 seconds long, and you get seven runs in one training session. And that takes about somewhere between three to five hours, depending on how long the chairlift takes. So you’re adding up about seven minutes total of practice in your sport for the entire training session, which is comparative to, say, three to five hours of somebody playing tennis in a single session. Which makes me feel like the deliberate practice component is that much more essential. There’s skiers out there, teammates of mine in the past, who spend their time from the top of the chairlift to the top of the race course, it could be half of a train length, that they’re skiing down and they’re just flailing about and doing whatever. And I was doing drills to the top of the course, trying to make use of every square inch of space on the mountain. Every time I’m deliberately practicing skiing and my technique and everything, I’m kind of getting a one-up on everybody else who’s not.

What it takes to be a champion in Shiffrin's own words


A parents view on race programs

This is great coaching

Guidelines for coaches

Good coaching verse bad

How dedicated are you

Art of boot fitting video

Youth dropouts


Training youth, not too specialized

High school ski racing

Hard to make it


Helps to have money


Not a racer chaser mom

The future of racing -independent?

Over involved parents

No time for beer

Forget racing  Marcus the guy in this video is a former Snowbird Team member who raced NorAm 

Make racing more fun


World Cup racing can be followed at:

World Cup Ski Racing

Quick World Cup Results 

FIS gear specs

NBC Sports - gold pass     

NBC Skiing

2021 World Cup Calendar men's and woman's


Type in any name or event such as Mikaela Shiffrin, Ted Ligety, Lindsey Vonn

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Tomba 1992

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