Weekday school groups

Large groups of students that arrive all at once on buses require a lot of help to organize and create a positive experience. You can help students put their boots on inside, but watch for the students as they head out so that you are ready to go take a group.

The lesson is not very long to get them stopping and turning, so keep the pace as quick as they can handle. At Pine Knob, instructors may be assigned before students go to rental so they go in smaller groups. Their instructors help them get prepared properly and quickly in rental. Instructors waiting with their group to go to rental tell them what they will do during the lesson, in rental, and where they will ski after the lesson. Warm up exercises can be done for the athletic stance, stopping, and turning.   


There will be someone assigned to the top of the first wonder carpet and the rope tow to help the students get off and start skiing. The instructor at the bottom provides feedback, helps them onto the lift, and makes sure they maintain the proper spacing.

Use all of the gentle slopes available especially with large groups so everyone is not in the same place for walking, static exercises, side stepping, and straight runs. At Pine Knob the first groups go all the way to the carpet one, and the last group may be right outside the automatic doors. But use the lift side of the hill in front of the cafeteria, it is less steep so the students will lean back less.     


Once several groups are together, they will become mixed up, and it is a large station teaching situation. When several of the students are ready for the rope, two of the instructors can form a group and head to the rope. Instructors need to communicate well with each other as far as what job they are doing and gathering kids who are ready for the rope.

The instructor loading the rope will support students and the rope to help them get on- video. The instructor on top helps them exit and get going. Once they are able to use the lifts, then focus on new tasks and feedback.


If the school group is very large and the kids are older, some instructors can go right to the rope. Or if the group is able, side step or walk diagonally a short way up the hill rather than wait in a long wonder carpet line.  

The students are often friends and can be difficult to manage, but if you keep them moving, they have less time to distract each other. Instruction can be as simple as having them stand in an athletic position and making a wedge; then load the carpet. Talk less and keep them moving even with the flat work.

Brush courses can be set on different hills to help them turn. If physical education classes are involved, a more formal set of task can be created for the students to achieve.  

Give feedback as they perform; make sure they know how to put their gear on and take it off and reset the heels of their bindings. Tell them where they should practice and what they should work on after the lesson. Be sure they know if they are limited to just the rope, if that was the plan for the group.


Tell them where they can ski and that they must be able to ski in control and avoid skiers below them on the hill. This is a great chance to get kids excited about skiing.


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