Goals and expectations


                                                         Our goals

1- Create a great experience so our customers what to return 

2- Focus on customers to make sure they have fun 

3- Go at the proper pace to keep our customers safe and engaged

                                               Our expectations of you


1- Constantly work to improve your teaching

2- Know our teaching system and our training program: website, test, and clinics

3- Follow our policies and requirements 

                                                       Our heritage  


We are proud of our long heritage as one of the largest independent ski schools in the country. Pat and Pam Deibel have created groups of dedicated instructors who have been responsible for developing many passionate skiers and riders. They have grown the sport and enriched many lives.

Our teaching system for skiers was created with V1 digital coaching software over more than twenty years doing side by side comparisons of beginners through world cup athletes. We worked closely with the US Ski Team's National Development System, NSP directors, US Special Forces, PSIA Team

members, Vail, Aspen, and many other resort trainers to produce this highly effective approach. It gives us a unique competitive advantage with visual goals that improve the quality and simplicity of our teaching.                                                               


We teach a lot of beginners, so you can share your passion for a sport that people can enjoy their whole life! Providing a fun experience increases the chance that people will get hooked. Great teaching lasts a lifetime!

Teaching requires a lot of attention and interaction with your students to meet their needs, so it is important that you enjoy helping people learn. Improving your teaching gives you the skills needed to deal with challenging situations so teaching is fun for you and your students. Great teaching requires self awareness and constant focus on how the student is doing as well as what they are thinking and feeling.




Instructing allows you to make money, friends, and reduces the cost of skiing and riding. Please schedule at least 3 times each week to work. This can be a combination of weekdays and weekends. Stick to your schedule and let us know if you can not make it. You can work more days when you have time.


The busiest six weeks are from January until the middle of February. December is when most of the clinics are given. Weekday evenings from 5-7:30 pm are busy when we teach the student patch lessons. On weekends, there are a lot of private lessons and programs for children.





  1. Instructors are independent contractors, so you are responsible for buying your own equipment and jacket. You do not receive health insurance, workers compensation, or unemployment. Instructors must purchase liability insurance ($70) from the ski school. New instructors go through a trial period when they are evaluated on their work habits, attitude, and ability. Instructor status is usually achieved after several weeks of acceptable performance.

  2. Instructing is more casual and fun than other work, but you must remember that it is a real job and treat it as such. Teaching requires hard work and commitment of time. Be on time to work and text or call when you can't come in. Maintain a professional appearance and keep your uniform clean. Be polite, courteous, and helpful to all the customers and employees at the resort.

  3. All instructors, new and returning, should re-evaluate the reason they want to be instructors. If you don't love teaching, or if other priorities prevent you from meeting ski school requirements, you should reconsider your participation.



  1. You are responsible for your lesson tickets and will be paid only for what you turn in.  Submit them on Monday, and receive a check on Thursday.

  2. Sign in and out every time you are at the resort. Any time you are at the resort, we may ask you to work if a need arises.

  3. No guests are permitted in the instructor's room. You are allowed to keep only one set of equipment (snowboard and skis) in the instructor's room. Remove your equipment before the end of the season.  It will not be safe during the summer.

  4. Instructors are not allowed behind the ski school desk unless asked to help out.

  5. You are not permitted in the bar before 9 pm.

  6. The ski school uniform must be worn: jacket with ski school pass, and name tag 

  7. Always listen for pages and frequently check if instructors are needed, especially when the resort is busy.

  8. Instructors are independent contractors and are not an employee of the resort. You are paid on a commission basis. First year instructors will make $16.00 for a private lesson and $3.00 per student in a student patch lesson. You need to be ready to teach at any time during your scheduled shift. Between lessons, you are  free to ski/snowboard. Instructors will not be paid for the hours they do not teach. Instructors earn 50 percent of private lessons when they are requested. 

  9. Any instructor being paid directly or not working through the ski school will be dismissed and banned from the resort. It is dishonest, violates resort policy, and your insurance coverage.  


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 Great teaching lasts a lifetime!